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        血霽生物是由海歸專家創立的干細胞生物醫藥公司,致力于通過干細胞定向再生血液細胞,以用于各類疾病的細胞治療以及開展相關藥物研發。 公司創始成員來自斯坦福大學、哈佛大學、北京大學等國內外著名高校?;谌蝾I先的干細胞定向誘導分化體系,血霽生物以體 外產生的血小板為先導產品,解決癌癥、肝病、急危重癥、血液疾病等疾病中急缺的血小板需求,以及開發各類血小板異常相關疾病的創新藥物。

      HemaCell Therapeutics is a stem cell-based biotech company founded by expert of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine and the founding members graduated from Stanford University, Harvard University and Peking University. The company is dedicated to developing various blood products from stem cells for cell therapy and our primary focus is platelets. Stem cell-derived platelets can serve as new unlimited supply for transfusion medicine to treat thrombocytopenia caused by a wide spectrum of diseases, including cancer, liver disease, acute and critical illness and blood diseases. With its proprietary highly efficient ex-vivo directed differentiation system, the company provides the most promising solution to the critically unmet needs of platelet supply in the clinic.